There are a variety of projects ongoing in KMDLabs at any one time. We encourage you to come and make use of our resources to start your own and to join others in theirs.
If you are looking for a place to start please visit our Discord channel and let us know what areas you are interested in.

Come and add your contributions to the list below.

Crypto-Condition Contracts


  • PoS staking strategies
  • Assetchain params
  • MoMoM
  • Notary Nodes / Notarization
  • Assetchain Clusters
  • TxBlaster
  • DWY attack recovery

Projects & Spin-offs


  • setpubkey
  • getlastsegidstakes
  • getiguanajson
  • getnotarysendmany
  • cleanwallettransactions
  • z_mergetoaddress – (changes to)
  • getnotarysendmany
  • getnotarypayinfo
  • getiguanajson
  • notaries
  • opreturn_burn
  • getimports




Bugs found

Please see the Bug Report page for a list of previous reports and to file your own.


Anyone who can contribute can contribute. Devs will certainly find worthy challenges to overcome. Relative noobs will have ample opportunity break things. KMDLabs is made up of a group of core contributors are joined by members of the Komodo community at large. People like you.


You will find technical detail on KMDLabs here. Please get in touch on the KMDLabs Discord channel with any questions or suggestions.

"So much cool stuff going on in here!"
"They have extended their hands to help other community projects without conditions. Like KMDICE, they helped us get KMDICE to a very efficient state when we first started the chain. KMDLabs has a lot of future for sure."