KMDLabs finds its origins in the testing conducted on the PoS64 staking algorithm created by jl777 for staking on KMD assetchains.
This algorithm was tested and improved by jl777 and the members of this PoS64 test group.  From these experiments the need for a state of the art, dedicated testing platform became very clear.
Testing expanded its scope and STAKED was born. STAKED furthered its experience with incentivized testing while developing and refining the STAKED software over various cluster networks through its seven iterations.

Who is participating?

A group of core contributors are joined by members of the Komodo community at large.

Some of the more well-know participants include:

  • blackjok3r
  • Alright
  • smk762
  • CrisF
  • jorian
  • gcharang
  • zatJUM
  • SHossain
  • TonyL
  • CMaurice
  • gt
  • metaphilibert
  • ComputerGenie
  • Nabob
  • daemonfox
  • webworker01
  • Bar_F1sh_Rel (Scottrock)
  • mylo5ha5
  • dimxy
  • PHBA2061
  • Exile13

Advisor – jl777

Who can contribute?

Anyone who can contribute can contribute. Devs will certainly find worthy challenges to overcome. Relative noobs will have ample opportunity break things.

Community is located around the world so KMDLabs Discord is active through all time zones.

Please come and visit. You will find a wide variety of people doing their part to create the future. People like you.


There are a variety of projects ongoing in KMDLabs at any one time. We encourage you to come and make use of our resources to start your own and to join others in theirs. If you are looking for a place to start please visit our Discord channel and let us know what areas interest you.

"I am really pleased to call KMDLabs a Komodo ecosystem project. Their remarkable dedication in the Blockchain Research & Development area has lead to significant tech optimizations in the Komodo core and Notary Node network."
"So much cool stuff going on in here!"