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KMDLABS is a R&D test ground for Komodo (KMD) technology and Crypto-Conditions contracts (Smart Contracts). You are able to join incentivized tests that are underway or do your own work on the main KMDLabs fungible cluster. Your own chains and clusters can be added for more customized or private development. These chains can be notarized to the Bitcoin blockchain through the main Komodo(KMD) chain using Komodo’s Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW).

From gaining experience using Crypto-Conditions contracts to debugging multi-contract clusters, KMDLabs provides you with the tools, platform and resources to do so quickly and easily. This allows you to spend your time on testing, not setup.

Come and build your vision of the future.

Frequently asked questions

What is KMDLABS ?

– main Komodo(KMD) assetchain of a fungible test network cluster (mineable/stakeable)
– scaleable
– chains and clusters added to KMDLABS cluster as testing needs require
– add your chain or cluster for testing (fungible or non-fungible)
– addition of chains to main fungible cluster does not increase total coin supply
dPOW Notarization
– notarize chains to BTC blockchain through Komodo dPOW technology (optional)
– provide incentivized testing, debugging and development of Komodo Platform’s Crypto-Conditions contracts (smart contracts) and underlying software
– fast and simple setup and use
– community of developers and testers provide assistance, ideas and skills
– do your R&D on existing KMDLABS assetchains or create your own
– gain knowledge, experience and resources working with top devs on other project using the most cutting edge technology
– Crypto-Conditions contracts tested and debugged on demand

When ?

– origins in the PoS64Test staking tests, c. June 2018
– STAKED, a live proof of concept (PoC) testing environment, shows remarkable promise
– in 6 months STAKED shows the potential of incentivized testing
– STAKED conducts a multitude of first in the world tests
– STAKED develops 3 major spin-off projects (Dragonhound <LINK & INFO>, TROLLBOX <LINK & INFO>, BlastStream <LINK & INFO>)
– STAKED refines running and setup of notarization networks
– the groundwork is set for KMDLABS

When Lambo ?

– good question
– depending on things like how you use the skills, knowledge and resources you gain from working with top devs and the latest technologies, that’s up to you

Who is KMDLABS ?

– core contributors are joined by members of the Komodo community at large
– more well-know participants:

  • blackjok3r
  • Alright
  • smk762
  • CrisF
  • jorian
  • gcharang
  • zatJUM
  • SHossain
  • TonyL
  • CMaurice
  • gt
  • metaphilibert
  • ComputerGenie
  • Nabob
  • daemonfox
  • webworker01
  • Bar_F1sh_Rel (Scottrock)
  • mylo5ha5
  • dimxy
  • PHBA2061
  • Exile13

Advisor – jl777

Who is KMDLABS for ?

– projects from large (multi-chain ecosystem using numerous technologies and CCs) to small (single assetchain testing parameters or looking to gain CC experience)
– developers and relative noobs alike looking to gain skills, experience and contacts
– those looking to put their skills to use participating as testers and/or with development
– anyone who can contribute, can contribute

Why ?

– KMDLABS allows you to concentrate on development and testing
– ease of use
– rapid deployment
– work with and build the very latest in technology
– collaborate with top devs
– bounties and incentives
– break things!
– challenging problems
– community provided synergy
– anyone welcome to participate

How to ?

Getting Started page
– contact us
—- Discord:
—- Email: [email protected]
– get in touch

Break & Make
– join current testing and development
– bounties (in KMDLABS)
– breaking test chains
– finding bugs
– finding solutions
– see Bounties page for details
– start your own R&D

Technical ?

For more in-depth details on KMDLabs please visit the Technical page.

Value ?

– your time
    – KMDLABS saves it for you
– KMDLABS and participants are working with technologies that are well ahead of most, if not all, others
    – you can use this technology as you wish
        -a significant advantage
– KMDLABS attract top level developers
– as Crypto-Conditions contract usage increases so does the demand for R&D
    – KMDLABS fills this demand with its easy to use infrastructure

How much ?

– free to use main cluster
– to add chains only need to pay notarization fees
    – fees decided by Notaries
contact KMDLabs for current rates
– you can set bounties as you see fit, if you require incentivized tests
    – contact KMDLabs if you would like recommendations