Mining & Staking

Mining & Staking

All of the coins generated in the KMDLabs cluster come from the main LABS chain. LABS is a 51% PoS and 49% PoW hybrid chain using the Komodo custom PoS64 algorithm created by jl777. The LABS coin has a block reward of 7 and a block time of 60s with detail of how to mine and stake below. Other test chains in the KMDLabs cluster (-ac_cc=101) main cluster have a block reward of 0 and CPU mining is the only way to mine them.


PoW 49% (Equihash): You can mine KMDLabs(LABS) with ASICs, FPGAs, and GPUs if the hash rate is low enough. If you don’t have an ASIC you can rent hash power from MiningRigRentals or NiceHash.  The KMDLabs mining pool is found at
PoS 51% (PoS64): You can stake the coins you buy, mine, or receive from a bounty. Notary nodes can opt to stake their earned coins on another node once they have been paid. How they manage this is up to them. A great tool for staking has been developed by Alright here.
NotaryNodes: Notary nodes are paid via the -ac_notarypay chain param. It’s coin emissions are designed to make up the other 3 coins of the coin emission (to make the total per minute 10) but they will never be exactly this, likely slightly less. Due to the fact notarizations do not always happen every single 5 blocks. -ac_notarypay is described in detail at the bottom of the Notary Node page.
Bounties: Bounties are extra coins created on top of coin emissions. They are not yet 100% defined but will be limited to a very small percentage of overall coin emission. There is more info on the Bounties page, which will be updated as the bounty mechanism is rolled out and developed.
-ac_params-ac_name=LABS -ac_supply=350689 -ac_reward=0,0,800000000 -ac_decay=0,100000000,100000000 -ac_halving=129,1 -ac_end=128,10080,0 -ac_notarypay=64,100000000,1000000000 -ac_eras=3 -ac_staked=51 -ac_sapling=1 -ac_cc=101 -ac_ccenable=226,236 -ac_cclib=labs -addnode= -addnode=

Chain params

The KMDLabs chain (LABS) is a rather unique blockchain, likely the only one of its kind ever created, and aims to continue pushing the boundaries of technological development.




You will find technical detail on KMDLabs here. Please get in touch on the KMDLabs Discord channel with any questions or suggestions.

Bug Reports

Bugs are best reported in the KMDLabs Discord channel for immediate attention. Information on reporting practices and previous bug reports can be found on the Bug Report page. Thanks for reporting!

"Alright and Blackjok3r have been amazing guys. They have developed a bunch of new tech that is so helpful for the community."