Getting started

Getting Started

Testing and Development work in KMDLabs is done using STAKED software.

STAKED is the reason that work on KMDLabs is so productive. STAKED automates and streamlines a large portion Komodo’s native software while adding additional features. Much of this has been accomplished through the use of the new technologies, notably, that we have been testing in KMDLabs.

Please understand that thing evolve very rapidly in KMDLabs. We are fortunate in that we are able to implement the very latest developments that come out of the labs. The down side of this is that sometimes there is a lag until documentation can catch up. To make certain that you have the latest instructions it is strongly suggested that you visit the KMDLabs Discord in addition to KMDLabs on Github.

There are currently two versions of the STAKED software.


STAKED is used for most testing and development work. Bug hunts, staking and mining are performed on this version of the software.


STAKEDNOTARY is used by those participating in notarizations. It is recommended to not mine or stake on a node that is notarizing.

Installation and Usage Instructions




For more information on how to become a Notary Node and how they function please see the Notary Nodes page.

That’s it. Now you can get to work!

If you have any questions or have suggestions please contact us on Discord.

How KMDLabs Works

KMDLabs is a testing and development platform suitable for research on many scales. From gaining experience using Crypto-Conditions contracts to debugging multi-contract clusters, KMDLabs provides you with the tools, platform and resources to do so. This allows you to spend your time on testing, not setup.

"So much cool stuff going on in here!"


Learn the technical aspects of KMDLabs and the LABS coin. Useful information for mining and staking and also on KMDLabs procedure relating to Notary Nodes.