Bug Reports

Bug Reports

General guidance on reporting issues

(Regarding Crypto-Conditions and SmartContract development)

  • specific chain parameters used
  • EXACT rpc call and parameters used
  • most important! the raw tx generated
  • clear description of why you think it is a bug (please check the raw tx details to make sure all vins are valid, signed and all vouts are sane)

“I tried X and it didnt work” does not help much.

Thanks for reporting!

Previous Reports


Week of: August 13, 2018

Bugs found:
The faucet contract was tested thoroughly and rewritten based on this testing. The faucet now requires a new address for each faucetget transaction and now dispenses 0.1 coin.
The POS diff adjustment algorithm was tweaked based on testing done this week. We found that the previous algorithm wasn’t well suited for 99% POS.
A bug in which getblocktemplate included POS transaction while mining was fixed.
A bug in which setgenerate false did not respond properly was fixed.
Build issues on MacOS and Windows were found and fixed.

The first week of STAKED went exceptionally well. We had about 10 active participants throughout the week, and we found a fair amount of bugs.

August 26, 2018

faucet – spammed on blocknotify at beginning, finding attack vector and reported it was using large CPU and locking daemon, helped debug

reproduced getblocktemplate with haiduc and jl to stop PoS transactions being added to PoW blocks, as my stats script was miss reporting PoW/PoS becasuse of this bug.

August 26, 2018

filled the faucet with small utxos after that is was slow if thats considered breaking i take the stake2 bounty

August 26, 2018

-constantly took faucet funds ;p

-test windows build, figured out debugger to get some real error msg

Un Haiduc
August 26, 2018

identified issues with PoW difficulty and helped jl dampen some of the “damage” inflicted on PoS – RPo8VKmQA5V9yG3omhPa6yMe3xNyvXadG4

August 26, 2018

reproduced @nabob’s report of Mac build failing because of CC outputs :), looped the faucet for about 20 minutes


Week of: August 20, 2018

Bugs found:
Alright: found segfault related to `kvupdate` which allowed a ddos-esque type attack
Blackjok3r: Unlocked the `rewardscreatefunding` tx via `rewardsunlock`, empything the contract

August 26, 2018

Found segfault in komodod

How to reproduce:
komodo-cli -ac_name=STAKED2 kvupdate key 8000bytesofdata > 1 passphrase

Was fixed here

August 26, 2018

Found no entropyTX creates invalid TX for dice instead of an error.
How to reproduce: call dicebet when there is no entropy TX in the dicefund. It would return an invalid TXID instead of an error.

– Spammig dicebet for 48h continiously doubled my amount of coins. I think it was just causing the bets to timeout. Not sure of a bug or not, and I got about 1000 coins out of dicebet spam anyway.

– Locked 100 coins into rewards 25APR, was not able to unlock. I have all of the commands and HEX for this, was posted in #staked, but might have been lost. Once this was able to be unlocked, it unlocked all of the rewards funding.

August 27, 2018

Not a bug – known (by some) issue

Due to copying STAKED1.conf to STAKED2.conf komodod ran STAKED2 with the same RPC credentials and port as STAKED1
– left STAKED1.conf in place
– ran komodo-cli -ac_name=STAKED1
– komodod read the credentials and rpc port from STAKED1 and communicate to whatever komodod is on that port with those credentials, now STAKED2

(Thanks to webworker01 for the explanation)


Bounties (in KMDLabs) can be set for breaking test chains, finding bugs and finding solutions. KMDLabs provides the test grounds for these developers to set up and implement their testing programs and a place for them to find testers.


Learn the technical aspects of KMDLabs and the LABS coin. Useful information for mining and staking and also on KMDLabs procedure relating to Notary Nodes.

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