Bounties (in KMDLabs) can be set for breaking test chains, finding bugs and finding solutions.

KMDLabs provides the test grounds for developers to set up and implement testing programs and a place for them to find testers.  Bounties are set and paid by the testing developers and Notary Nodes, not by KMDLabs itself.

KMDLabs can also organize testing for developers as resources permit. If you would like KMDLabs to arrange testing for you please contact us.

KMDLabs also performs testing of its own. Notary Node operators will decide through consensus to whom and what bounties will be paid for KMDLabs’ own testing programs.

We do our best to keep this information as up to date as possible. To be sure of the most current information please reach out to us through Discord

Bug Reports

Report bugs here or on the KMDLabs Discord channel. Information on how to report bugs, and a form to do so.


Learn the technical aspects of KMDLabs and the LABS coin. Useful information for mining and staking and also on KMDLabs procedure relating to Notary Nodes.

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