Incentivized testing and R&D laboratory for Komodo Platform technologies

Scalable and Customizable Development Laboratory

A fully scalable and customizable test bed for testing and developing your Komodo (KMD) based assetchains and Crypto-Conditions contracts, KMDLabs provides an incentivized test network, technical services and a support knowledge base.

KMDLabs’ ease of use and rapid deployment allow projects of any technical level or size a place to experiment with the depth of Komodo and Crypto-Conditions technology.

Testing is conducted on the KMDLabs fungible cluster. Additional fungible and non-fungible chains and clusters can be added as needed for more customized or private development. It is possible for these chains to be notarized to the Bitcoin blockchain through the main Komodo (KMD) chain using Komodo’s Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW).

"I am really pleased to call KMDLabs a Komodo ecosystem project. Their remarkable dedication in the Blockchain Research & Development area has lead to significant tech optimizations in the Komodo core and Notary Node network."


Testing on the KMDLabs cluster is free. To add your own chain(s) only notarization fees are required. These fees decided by the notaries, not KMDLabs, and are very reasonable. Contact KMDLabs for current notarization rates.

Crypto-Conditions Tests

KMDLabs provides thorough contract testing services for those developing with Crypto-Conditions. Testing plans catering to your specific project needs can be implemented.

Incentivized Testing

In addition to offering a testing platform KMDLabs also incentivizes testers and developers to participate in projects.
Opportunities are readily available for those interested to gain knowledge and practical experience in this fast developing field. Anyone who can contribute can contribute. Developers will certainly find worthy challenges to overcome. Relative newcomers will have ample opportunity to break things. Bounties in KMDLabs are paid for breaking test chains, finding bugs and also for finding solutions.

KMDLabs Main Cluster

KMDLabs is the main blockchain in a cluster of fungible Komodo assetchains (Komodo’s MoMoM technology allows the transfer of assets (coins) across multiple blockchains) that provide incentivized testing, debugging and development of Komodo Platform’s Crypto-Conditions contracts (smart contracts) and underlying software.

Learn More

Technical details and information on how to begin testing can be found on the How KMDLabs Works and Getting Started pages and through the contact information below.

Join the Future

Your project can find itself a home here, as others have (Dragonhound, TROLLBOX, BlastStream,, and make use of the community synergy, knowledge and infrastructure KMDLabs provides.  The KMDLabs team can also provide technical support with your live project, as demonstrated in the work done with KMDICE .

Contact us and join the future.